Tales Closer to Home / حكايات قرب القلب

There is a richness to the variety of human experiences. In the sharing of our stories, we can exceed the limitations of our singular perspective and find community in the stories of others. Throughout the course of the workshop, students explored their own personal narratives and worked to present them in visual narrative forms for dissemination into a wider community. Each student worked on one eight page comic, writing, editing, and drawing it into a form that enables a wide audience to access that experience. Students reflected on their experiences as young creative members of a large and diverse community present within Qatar today.


Painting and Printmaking
Course Title: Tools and Techniques: The Graphic Memoir and the Middle East
Faculty: Abdul Azim Al Ghussein

Amna Al Muftah/ Noor Al Sheibani / Salma Awad / Yara Elfouly / Sara Jayyousi / Peppy Prathyusha / Amira Radhi / Maryam Al-Thani / Tiflah Al-Naimi / Aisha Al-Abdulla / Amena AlMulla / Amna Al-Thani / Muneera Al-Thani

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