Professional Narratives

Students in ENGL 388 Writing in the Workplace composed written narratives relaying how they came to be who they are as designers or art historians. After engaging in technical and pedagogical workshops about producing videos, they created their own short videos, incorporating parts of their narratives and samples of their work. These video products will be employed by the university’s admissions counselors when promoting the school to students in secondary schools. The advantage for our students is they now possess a visually informative and stimulating autobiography of themselves as professionals and their work, which they may use in promotions, interviews, and exhibits, as well as a personal reminder of how and who they came to be.


Liberal Arts & Sciences
Course Title: ENGL 388 Writing in the Workplace
Faculty: Robin Fetherston

Aaqifa Altaf, Honors Program, GDES / Ahmed Moawad, IDES / Carlotta Bernardi, GDES / Emily Mustian, FASH / Faheem Khan, GDES / Gajin Chung, GDES / Hala Alassi, IDES / Joy Shehata, IDES / Khloud Almansour, IDES / Maryam Al-Darwish, ARTH / Reham Ahmed, GDES / Sarah Al-Afifi, GDES / Teslim Sanni, ARTH / Yasamin Shaikhi, IDES / Yeon Geong Hwang, GDES