Patterns of Shifting Identity 

This pattern development project introduces the idea of design that can capture the essence of cultural and historical motifs to inspire contemporary and innovative pattern development to meet the needs of young consumers, more specifically Third Culture Kids (TCKs) or Third Culture Individuals (TCIs) in the twenty first century. In this project, students researched different living environments, experiences, and design styles to formulate a suitable strategy for their design process, and to stimulate innovative thinking that incorporates traditional and contemporary ideas into their unique designs. The whole process as storytelling includes mood board development, sketches, exploration of different approaches and materials to make prototypes, all of which were partly documented with photographs. Although possible outcomes and applications for the pattern designs include scarfs, Ghutra, caps, neckties, T-shirts, coasters, trays, and bags, students presented scarfs this time.


Fashion Design
Course Title: Computers for Fashion Design
Faculty: Yang Soon Ju

Najla Al-eida / Safa Al-Hadithi / Mohammed Al-Khuzaei / Dana Baqla / Ryan Edgar Basilio / Abdulla Darwish Fakhroo / Sidra Khawaja / Noofa Latheef / Hassan Marafih / Aysha Mohamed / Earl John Pagdanganan