Jam Band 

Jam Band was a collaborative project between Space Research, Time Studio and sound artist, Guillaume Rouseré. Students were asked to consider the sounds and images of one location in the city. These ranged from well known landmarks, like the Corniche and Souq Waqif to everyday places, like the grocery store or a construction site. In the woodshop, they created resonant sound devices using found objects and contact microphones. Working with Guillaume, they recorded their sounds and in groups, edited them into abstract musical compositions. Finally, they created a music video for their sound piece, where they projected video shot on location into a set they designed.

Art Foundation
Course Title: Space Research and Time Studio
Faculty: Maysaa Almumin / Rachel Cohn
Teaching Assistants: Nourbanu Hijazi / Amira Natsheh 

Alhanoof Abdulla / Almaha Alkaabi / Maryam Alkhladi / Alya Alkaabi / Noof Alkhenji / Aldana Almuhannadi / Hassan Alshehhi / Osama Arabi Katbi / Reem Atout / Mariam Kraidli / Ayatalla Mohamed / Lana Mohamed / Razan Mustafa / Humyra Najdan / Hira Nisar / Noor Abdulwahab / Fajer Alabdulghani / Noof Alnaama / Nadine Alsous / Njoud Alsuwaidi / Shaikha Althani / Sara Alhelal / Hagar Allam / Naima Almajdobah / Alanoud Ashar / Zena Atalla / Reem Azab / Sherifa Eletrebi / Shainah Juras / Mohamed Nasser