The integration of Hekayat into the classroom provides an opportunity for faculty and students to explore and celebrate the multiple formats and processes of storytelling. The concept of Hekayat (stories) in art and design can be understood through multiple lenses, connecting audiences with cultures, histories, and future visions. There is something magical that happens when a story emerges through a piece of art or design. Many projects developed in the classroom embrace storytelling as a method for creation and inspiration, resulting in various forms, mediums, perspectives, and pedagogies. The exhibition, Tasmeem In the Classroom - Behind the Scenes, invites you to take a journey through the different perspectives of VCUarts Qatar faculty and the ways in which they guide their students to imagine, create, interact, and locate stories in their creative work. Tasmeem in the Classroom extends the Hekayat conversation beyond the conference itself, and opens its doors to the wider community.  

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