Future Realities

Decades into the Future: Will there be a significant decline in environmental resources in Qatar and across the globe? Could space exploration and human augmentation reveal new forms of discrimination? Could technological innovation cause the gap between rich and poor to widen? This project links concepts from design fiction and world-building to explore design-inspired activism. Taught by Denielle Emans and Basma Hamdy, students research contemporary case studies, science fiction, and dystopic scenarios to examine positions of power and resistance. By creating unique future scenarios in response to current socio-cultural challenges, students use design to trace a path to alternative worlds. These predictive futures aim to raise awareness, expose assumptions, provoke action, and spark debate about our collective future(s).


Graphic Design
Course Title: GDES 491
Faculty: Denielle Emans / Basma Hamdy

Samia Al Derbesti / Nadia Al-Majid / Hasa Al-Mohannadi / Amna Al-Naama / Noora Al-Saei / AlMaha Al-Sulaiti / Carlotta Bernardi / Steffi Ann Braganza / Nikko Brillantes / Yousr Elmorsy / Maryam Ibrahim / Faheem Khan / Kainat Malik / Mohamad Raeissi

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