Chess Cultures 

Cultural Chess is a project that lets students learn design technology with a clear outcome in mind. That outcome being a playable chess board. The course starts by asking students to choose a theme or concept they wish to explore, this has ranged from space, sealife to crime and arabesque patterns. The course is structured where new forms of production are introduced to them each week and students are then tasked with creating outcomes with their newly acquired knowledge. Each student will have a chess board that is informed by a theme of their choosing, made with process or a variety of processes that they have not learned before.

Graphic Design
Course Title: Design Technology / GDES 202
Faculty: Mahmoud Abbas / Maryam Al Homaid

Aisha Al-Abdulla / Amna Al-Horr / Najlaa Al-Khater / Enjood Al-Kuwari / Aljowhara Al-Mana / Maryam Al-Muftah / Zainab Al-Shibani / Latifa Al-Sulaiti / Roudha Al-Suwaidi / Enxhi Avdullaj / Nurul Azlan / Sara Raeissi / Shima Aeinehdar / Noor Ahmed / Haya Al-Hetmi / Alreem Al-Khayarin / Maryam Al-Mannai / Salama Al-Muhannadi / Azza Alawad / Shaikhah Alelaiwy / Maryam Altajer / Cut Izza Alyssa / Fatima Fakhroo / Asma Lamali