Branded Tasmeem Environments 

Students were asked to utilize Tasmeem as their client, through the use of the Tasmeem brand and it's associated values. Students developed a number of event specific environments for the Tasmeem Conference itself.

After an introduction from the Tasmeem Committee, students developed four environments: a Registration Desk; a "hole-in-the-wall" type of catering spot (Baqala); exhibition opportunities for student work; and perhaps most importantly, a "Chill Spot", or meeting space that provides an opportunity for storytelling.

There was the exciting potential for the work to be built and utilized at the Tasmeem Conference at 1:1 scale, if an appropriate standard was reached and budgets permited, but the majority of work was intended to be presented as drawings, renderings, and a series of process models.


Interior Design
Course Title: IDES 301, Junior Interior Design Studio I
Faculty: Matthew Holmes-Dallimore / Liam Colquhoun

Fajr Aamir / Qumasha Abdulla / Nouf Al-Mohannadi / Dina Alkhateeb / Fatima Baker / Hagar Farag / Masa Jamili / Muhandiramlage Jeffrey / Sara Kamel / Mohamed Masoud / Ahmed Moawad / Malak Mortada / Farzana Velliyattil / Maha Al-Emadi / AlJazi Al-Khalifa / Nouf Al-Mulla / Hamdah Almal / Raneem Arafeh / Manahil Mirza / Maha Nabina / Maha Nasir / Joy Shehata