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Wall Coverall

Introductory Interior Design Studio I, VCU Richmond

Faculty leader

Rab McClure, Associate Professor

Student participants

September Banks, Sarah Bernier, Matt Cheadle, Sherry Chen, Ardilla Deneys, Maddie Hardy, Kana Ishii, Nicole Lee, Desirae Morrow, Antiena Nguyen, Leah Ramirez, Sam Weiss, Anita Young

Students developed proposals for transforming an everyday wall into something more dynamic, colorful, engaging, and 3ajeeb!. Building on exercises from earlier in the semester that began with potato stamp patterns and evolved into three-dimensional scale models of modular building components, students explored ways in which simply conceived, thoughtfully executed modular panels could serve as a new, 3D alternative to wallpaper.

Students began by developing individual proposals, and then formed two- or three-person teams based on complementary interests. From there students worked alongside the instructor to fabricate a full size prototype of one selected scheme. The full-size prototype invited users to play: removing, repositioning, reorienting, reorganizing, and reconfiguring individual panels to form a constantly changing and dynamic wall surface. A stop action film documented the finished result, and the prototype itself provided a playfully cool, strange, and slightly weird exhibit.