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Victorians at Play

Textual Analysis, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Robin Fetherston, Assistant Professor

Student participants

Ayaz Abdur Rauf, Dania Anwer M. N. Alqwasmi, Farzana Akter M. Z. Abedin, Fatima Rashid N. A. Al-Naimi, Jawaher Murait F. F. Al-Hajri, Noof Ahmed S. A. Al-Buainain, Noora Ali S. N. Alfadala, Noora Hassan A. M. Al-Zaini, Raya A. Al-Meghaiseb, Shahad Yousuf I. Y. Al-Malki, Abdul Rahman Anwar, Aljohara Khaled J. M. Al-Thani, Wurood Ismael M. Azzam

Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, “The Adventure of the Dancing Men,” in which a cipher holds the key to a mystery, and as an exploration of Doyle’s Victorian culture, four groups of Liberal Arts & Sciences students designed games that were rooted in actual British Victorian parlor games. They made a few contemporary modifications and added a Sherlockian twist.

Each group donned costumes and hosted a game area for the VCUQatar community. Games featured were “Wink Murder,” “Victorian Chess,” “Victorians Got Talent,” and “Stairs & Serpents.”