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3ajeeb! Fashion Sportswear Collections

Design Studio I, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Della Reams, Assistant Professor

Student participants

Dania AlQwasmi, Farzana Abedin, Khulood Al Busaidi, Kiara Hodge, Mahnoor Ansari, Noor Al Mannai, Saadia Ahmed, Samia Mohammad, Sarah Wanas

Students used 3ajeeb! as the theme for their four-look sportswear collections; each determined a concept that expressed for them something weird, cool, strange, strong, bold, awkward, etc. Some chose contradictory themes, including traditional forms from their home countries, such as jellyfish embellished with Palestinian embroidery, Pakistani truck art on the forms of concept cars, and traditional Omani items and surfaces interpreted in a contemporary way. Several chose themes from history, such as ancient Egypt combined with Celtic knots, Roman architecture with chains, and European armor combined with insect shells.

Thumbnail sketches were developed, designs were chosen, and patterns were made. Each student cut patterns that were intended for woven (non-stretch) fabrics out of muslin and sewed them together for fittings on mannequins and a fit model. Patterns intended to be finished in knitted stretch fabrics were sampled in a bright green knitted fabric. Completed collections will be presented at the VCUQatar fashion show at the end of the spring semester.