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3ajeeb! as a Retail Concept

Print Graphic Design, Interior Design Studio, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Basma Hamdy, Denielle Emans, Liam Colquhoun, Matthew Holmes-Dallimore, Assistant Professor

Student participants

Weam Afify, Thuraya Al Omar, Najoud Al-Khal, Bashayer Al-Naimi, Asmaa Al-Naimi, Aysha Al-Solaitti, Mark Bermejo, Kaisha Bickley, Hissa Bujaloof, Dana El Masri, Sally Ghazy, Sherin Karawia, Theekshani Perera, Abir Zakzok

A collaboration between the GDES and IDES departments, student teams developed an overall concept for 3ajeeb! as a retail brand, then broke off to produce creative outcomes on staggered deadlines. First, the GDES students developed and defined a graphic system in a brand guidelines book. Next, IDES students proposed 3D concepts for prototype stores, which incorporated the aforementioned graphic system.

This collaborative, multidisciplinary approach aimed to better reflect the atmosphere and team dynamics commonly found in contemporary design studios and to foster a better understanding and appreciation of related design disciplines.