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Space Research, Time Studio, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Miriam Ewers and Rachel Cohn, Assistant Professors

Student participants

Ameena Zailam K Bakaev , Amna Khalid S H Al-Thani, Amna Rashid A H Al-Mannai, Dana Hany Mohamed Helmy Ahmed, Eman Hossameldeen Abdellatif Makki, Ghadeer Mohammed S H Al-Mohsin, Hessa Hamad M H Al-Hitmi, Noor Ali Y M Bahzad, Noor Saad A S Al-Kharaan, Sara Abdulaziz A A Al-Saygh, Sara Fahad I A Al-Mushairi, Arwa Khamis B R Al-Sahouti, Asmaa Badr A Y Darwish, Fatima Mutar A R Al-Kuwari, Maha Saeed H M Mubarak, Maryam Fahad M A Almajid, Maryam Masoud Alameri, Mera Nasser K S Al Thani, Noof Khalid M A Heidous, Nour Abdelsalam Elsayed Elbasuni, Rouda Abdulaziz M A Al Khoori, Sara Ahmad M F Al-Fadaaq

As a collaboration between Time Studio and Space Research, students designed prostheses, which reimagined the boundaries of the human body. Groups were asked to create a device relevant to a time on earth 100 years from the present which would aid the wearer in addressing a challenge, such as finding food, water, shelter or transportation.

Making use of the Innovative Media Studio’s cyclorama green screen, students performed with the prosthesis in digitally constructed environments allowing them to incorporate scenarios that would otherwise have been impossible, such as suspension of gravity, biochemical reactions and microtechnologies.