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The Privacy Fair

Privacy in Networked Society, VCU Richmond

Faculty leader

Peter Baldes, Associate Professor

Student participants

Arze, Gaston; Nguyen, Y-Nhu; Jeyasankar, Monica; Nguyen, Emilie; Brookmire, Kari; Kavaldjian, Nora; Stevens, Jillian; Duke, Merin; Schunn, Kirsten; Langley, Carley; Myers, Carl; Halpern, Dylan; Lee, Leandra; Tran, Thu; Browning, Jacob; Logue, Kristen; Saleem, Heba; Wernimont, Ashlee

In light of the recent whistle-blowing activities of Edward Snowden, large-scale corporate data collection and high profile celebrity hacking incidents, this course and its final projects examined roles as citizens of networked society. After investigating history and technologies and the true nature of current surveillance done by government and corporations, the students were tasked with creating art projects that reflect and critique their stances on this extremely complicated topic.

Four installations were presented using the metaphor of the science/trade fair. These installations included a satirical game show that challenged contestants to “overshare,” a live surveillance and commentary installation, a doctor’s office ready to access and prescribe solutions to your privacy settings, and a kiosk demonstrating various wearable privacy devices. Screen prints of our logo were also distributed as giveaways, and informational flyers and a zine were published and distributed. This event was open to the public and fulfilled Berglen requirements for students of the honors college. VCU Police officers were also available to discuss privacy policy and practices on campus.