image description

Prainting 3ajeeb!

Intermediate and Advanced Painting, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Zach Stensen and Michael Perrone, Assistant Professors

Student participants

Nagiya Moideen, Habeeb Buftaim, Hana Al-Saadi

What roles do games play in our lives? Are they only recreational activities to pass the time, or can we find deeper significance in the act of play? For this project, students created work that explored concepts of games and play.

Student work was the byproduct of an activity involving gaming/play, generated by inventing game-like rules that dictated the decisions they make when creating the work, or referenced the aesthetic experience of playing a game. Students considered the way information is recorded and organized in games, and thought about how boundaries, spaces, and architecture are defined in video games and other game-related activities in the real world.