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Play on the Move

Space Research, VCU Richmond

Faculty leader

Leigh Cole, Instructor

Student participants

Hong Huo, Jason Pascoe, Carter Hester, Genesis Flores-Aguilar, Yewei Wang, Yu Jin Ha

For this project, students explored the playful possibilities of gigantic, interactive, inhabitable objects. Working in pairs, they began by answering simple questions:

- If you and your partner could transform into anything what would it be?
- How would you build a version of that object you both can inhabit?
- In what ways can you playfully interact with the public using that object?

The students' bodies operated as the motor for the structure, which needed to be transportable for performances. To overcome this issue, groups used lightweight materials such as chicken wire, cardboard, paper mache and foam for construction. The structures were large enough to house the bodies of both group members simultaneously, and their designs capitalized on their movements in unique ways. To complete the project, all students learned how to operate a sewing machine, and exercised their design abilities on the structures' surfaces by using fabric and paint to apply texture and color. The students designed their suits and movements to engage playfully with a very broad audience. These impromptu interruptions of daily life are truly 3ajeeb!