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Paper Chair Project

Advanced Interior Graphics, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Leslie Forehand, Designer and Liam Colquhoun, Assistant Professor

Student participants

Weam Afify, Theekshani Perera, Sally Ghazy, Abir Zakzok, Dana El Masari, Sherin Karawia, Najoud Al Khal, Asmaa Al-Naimi , Munera Fakhroo, Bashayer Al-Naimi, Kaisha Bickley, Hissa Bujaloof, Thuraya Al Omar, Mario Bermejo, Aysha Al Solaitti

In the 'Paper Chair Project' students used newly acquired CAD skills to design a chair that could be constructed as a scaled model out of paper by one of their classmates. The key to this assignment was to effectively communicate design, material, and fabrication methodology through drawings.

The chair design is full-scale, however the design also had to be achievable through the use of paper products at a 1:20 scale. By creating such parameters, students were challenged to effectively communicate design through drawing as well as to consider scale and material as part of the design process.