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GDES Interaction I, VCU Richmond

Faculty leader

Melanie Richards, Associate Professor

Student participants

Aprille Zammet, Anya Shcherbakov, Jackson Cantor, Miranda Lueng, Taylor Early, Catherine Cozzi, Kaya Gordon

This exhibition was created by graphic design students from Virginia Commonwealth University. It is the result of a semester-long investigation into self-publishing with an emphasis on and introduction to programming. Provided with a the platform evolved concurrently with concepts as participants continuously questioned and defined user experience on their own terms.

In addition, students were asked to translate their ideas into analog formats that served as "bulletins," or a means of disseminating information. The result was an ongoing inquiry into collaboration and interaction to question their potential both in terms of format and approach. The exhibition is representative of the various processes and themes that were developed throughout the semester. Individuals were responsible for either contributing work individually, collectively, or creating design for the space.