image description

object HACK

Digital Fabrication Studio, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Leslie Forehand, Designer

Student participants

Hawa Stwodah, Faisal Mohammad, Barbara Charrue, Hadeer Omar, Noha Fouad, Yasmeen Suleiman, Sultana Jesmine

This project challenged the intended use of a product by investigating its usability through the incorporation of 3D-printed parts. The concept of a 3D printer as a new product generator has emerged as an extremely viable commercial resource. However, the manner in which these machines will be utilized and implemented is still in flux; print times are long, and printers may never have the ability to print complex and sophisticated forms, such as a pair of sneakers. For this project, we treated the present as a place where mass-produced products and 3D printed parts can be synthesized to create/customize/transform.

Students took these ubiquitous objects and re-imagined their aesthetic and function, elevating them to the realm of the extraordinary. From this perspective, consumer goods can be viewed as semi-finished, primed for re-imagination. In other words, the original object becomes material for new creation, and presents opportunities for inventive design to occur in the space between 'consumer' and 'manufacturer'.