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Time Studio, VCU Richmond & VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Hope Ginsberg, Associate Professor and Rachel Cohn, Assistant Professor

Student participants

Dana Ahmed, Roda Al Khoori, Mera Al Thani, Hessa Al-Hitmi, Noor Al-Kharaan, Fatima Al-Kuwari, Amna Al-Mannai, Ghadeer Al-Mohsin, Arwa Al-Sahouti, Sara Al-Saygh, Amna Al-Thani, Maryam Alameri, Maryam Albouanin, Maryam Almajid, Sara Almushairi, Noor Bahzad, Ameena Bakaev, Asmaa Darwish, Nour Elbasuni, Monica Escamilla, Sean Grimes, Noof Heidous, Imelda Jurasova, Kevin Keane, Jiayu Li, Eman Makki, Hope Martin, Julian McBain, Maureen McGraw, Allie Meagher, Dara Merritt, Seth Mitchell, Kelsey Morrison, Maha Mubarak, Vanessa Nesbitt, John Oliver, Megan Paynton, Taylor Perdue, Jesse Powell, Leilani Rants, Kathryn Ricards, Julia Robertson, Amber Robinson, Maren Schwarz, Rachel Smith, Jolie Steinert, Priscilla Tankersley, Alexa Taveras, Erin Vest, Corinne Ward, Trey Westerfeld, Ruby Williams, Mac Wood, Lenae Zirnheld

What is 3ajeeb!? That was the question we posed to every student in our combined four sections of the Art Foundation course Time Studio in the fall of 2014. The answer came in the form of five-second videos, filmed by the students, capturing a thing, sight, person, place…that they considered to be cool in a weird way or weird in a cool way. The result? Nearly 250 clips were gathered from Richmond and Doha, amounting to a cross-cultural encyclopedia of cool, as well as insight into the perspectives of the two cultures.

The final project is “Mix Tape” an edited video featuring the “mix” of clips that presents VCUQatar and VCUarts students’ take on 3ajeeb!. With VCUarts clips framed in green and VCUQatar clips framed in pink, the video toggles back and forth between these far-flung campuses. Mix Tape is the culmination of a semester-long dialogue that played out through the videos as well as via written reflection, Skype, and even an old school postcard exchange.