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Metamorphosis: Type Morphology

Systems In Design, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Basma Hamdy and Diane Mikhael, Assistant Professors

Student participants

Wurood Azzam, Noof Al-Buainain, Abdulrahman Anwar, Aisha Al Muzafer, Dana Chua, Muna Al Majid, Nabila Lubay, Noora Al Zaini, Hazem Asif, Jawaher Al Hajri, Malak El Zahed, Maryam Al Meraikhi, Maysaa Agha, Noora AlFadala, Sara Ebrik, Shahad Al Malki, Yara Al Muftah, Fatima Al-Naimi, Al Dana Al Hajri, Maha Akl, Brandon Geib, Michael Walker, Boqin Peng

In this project, students learned to identify, analyze and describe a typeface and to understand the underlying principles of type systems and type anatomy. Building upon initial research and analysis, the project was completed in three phases: deconstruction, synthesis and morphology.

The first phase explored an existing typeface and examined its underlying system. The second identified a morphological process and analyzed it. In the last phase, students were asked to use their chosen morphology to synthesize a new typeface based on the existing one reviewed in the first phase. The result of this project were proposals for typefaces that were iconoclastic while still maintaining consistency and displaying an understanding of the underlying principles of Arabic type design.