image description

3ajeeb Masquerade

Sophomore Design Technology, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Michael Hersrud, Assistant Professor

Student participants

Al-Mansouri, Eiman S., Al-Naemi, Maha M., Alhamad, Dana A., Bata, Ala' Z., Fakhroo, Hissa Y., Saiyed, Alisha R., Al-Jailay, Eman O., Al-Saad, Aisha K., Al-Thani, Wadha A., Aldarwish Fakhro, Amena M., Hashim, Manar A., Khatoon, Rabeya , Maryam Yousif Khalil

This project challenged students to develop a working process that oscillates between analog and digital production. Students researched various masks, characters, costumes, plants, animals, objects, monsters, textures, patterns, etc. Then they combined three or more disparate elements and digitally sketched ideas.

Students produced a flat 2D mask drawn as vectors in Illustrator which was then translated into a 3D wearable version. Students photographed themselves wearing the mask, and then used Photoshop to color correct, and explore ‘effects’ that alter the original image while maintaining the essence of their mask’s character.