image description

Magic Lantern

Time Studio, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Rachel Cohn, Assistant Professor

Student participants

Ameena Bakaev, Amna Al-Thani, Amna Al-Mannai, Arwa Al-Sahouti, Asmaa Darwish, Dana Ahmed, Eman Makki, Fatima Al-Kuwari, Ghadeer Al-Mohsin, Hessa Al-Hitmi, Imelda Jurasova, Maha Mubarak, Maryam Alameri, Maryam Albouanin, Maryam Almajid, Mera Al Thani, Noof Heidous, Noor Bahzad, Noor Al-Kharaan, Nour Elbasuni, Roda Al Khoori, Sara Almushairi, Sara Al-Saygh

In Time Studio, we experimented with storytelling in performances using an overhead projector. Each student chose a story that was personally relevant and then illustrated that story with images; both photographic and hand drawn. We transferred the images to transparencies, which the students were able to manipulate in order to animate their story as they told it live. Referencing both the Magic Lantern amusements of the 1800s as well as mirroring techniques used in contemporary computer animation, we looked at the essential elements of storytelling and moving images.

There was a wonderful variety in the kinds of stories that students chose, ranging from the personal to the cultural to the imaginative. We heard interpretations of poetry and adaptations of novels. There were profiles of inspirational people, myths, and explanations of cultural traditions. Some students wrote their own short stories and others chose to highlight events from family histories.