image description

It is what it isn't

First Year Incubator, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Ryan Browning, Assistant Professor

Student participants

Afrah Al-Kuwari, Alanoud al-Khater, AlMaha Al-Thani, Ebtesam Alhothi, Fatima Alshibani, Maha Al-Sulaiti, Maryam Al-Thani, Noor Al-EmadiNoor AlShebani, Noor Janahi, Shaikha Al-Thani, Shaikha Masoud, Tiflah Al-Naimi

This project is an experiment in developing text and image juxtapositions and in producing visual contrast using value and texture. After selecting and scanning objects that in some way fit the idea of ‘3ajeeb,’ students created a printed image of their chosen object, and placed a contrasting, textured poster beneath a laser-cut caption.

Students were given the task of inventing titles for each other’s images. Each student ‘claimed’ a title from a classmate’s image, and applied it to their own. This process provided grounds for discussion about the relationship between image and text, and the unique, potentially unexpected, space between them.