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Immersive Campus

IDES Sophomores, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Li Han, Assistant Professor

As children, we spontaneously make up stories in order to entertain ourselves. But as adults in contemporary society, we are less apt to construct and tell stories; instead choosing to sit passively in a cinema or open a book and let others entertain us. Rather than growing old, we should try to ‘grow young’ and revisit our lost creativities. Storytelling is one way to accomplish this shift.

To recapture this pastime, student groups developed short performances inspired by panoramic photographs of the Education City campus. From these images, stories were generated. Each group was made up of a creative director who created a story, a photographer who composed the panorama, a stage technician who determined a unique digital object to be used in the scene, and a 3D technician who learned how to operate the object in the scene. All members of the group played small acting roles and created their own costumes. The goal of this project was to entertain the class with immersive experiences and learn at the same time.