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Arabic Horse Monument

Space Research, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Miriam Ewers, Assistant Professor

First year students embarked on a collaborative task that combined advanced digital fabrication techniques with traditional observational skills. In this project, students constructed a life-size Arabian horse. The initial concept was to imagine a sculpture for one of Doha’s iconic but disappearing traffic intersections called “round-abouts” which serve as of means of navigating or communicating a place in Doha’s urban environment. These “round-abouts” often feature an iconic public sculpture.

Students began their monument by creating 3D scans from a small trophy of an Arabian horse. The resulting three-dimensional mesh provided the blueprint for our life-sized sculpture and allowed the instructor to divide the horse into parts. Each student selected a part. The face, neck and abdomen were bisected laterally and shared between two students and each leg and the tail was the responsibility of one student. After each student had generated her part, we joined the parts together. Packing tape held everything together while the glue set the parts. The transitions between the parts were later refined and painted. Two horses were created, one belonging to each Space Research studio.