image description

3ajeeb! as Framework

Graduate Visual Communications, VCU Richmond

Faculty leader

Lauren Thorson, Designer in Residence

Student participants

Adele Ball, Alex Martin, Ben Evjen, Curtis Bailey

GDES 610 used the theme of the VCUQatar Tasmeem Conference, 3ajeeb!, as a framework for a self­-directed studio and critique workshop in the first year of graduate studies. Heavy emphasis was placed on process as practice, as well as contextualizing work within contemporary design.

Projects included “Designer Sportswear,” “Make/Break Templates” (which explored the strata of content formed by programming templates in social media), “Sunshine Grocers” (which used American consumerism symbols paired with progressive oddity to portray a message of satire to the consumer), and “hypergrid Gif Rug” (which used Ken Critchlow’s Islamic Patterns as a guide to construct a detailed grid of nested shapes).