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3ajeeb Fashion

Fashion, VCUQatar

Faculty leader

Don Earley, Assistant Professor

Student participants

Tamader Jassim Al-Sultan, Aisha Sultan Al-Suwaidi, Dylon Adonis, Roland Jernigan

Seniors in the Fashion Department were challenged to create a suite of looks for today's 3ajeeb man, considering that 3ajeeb is a mash-up, a blend, a complex statement. What 3ajeeb is NOT is crazy for no reason. No, it's crazy like a fox.

Students used the four co-chairs of Tasmeem 3ajeeb as their models. Interviews were conducted (What's your favourite fruit? Who is your favourite villain?), mood boards compiled, and then the real work began. Sketches were reviewed by the group, and colors and patterns opined upon. Capsule collections of four looks emerged over time, and were presented to the committee. Coming soon to a runway near you?