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Digital + Analog Tools

Graphic Design Topics: Generative Design, VCU Richmond

Faculty leader

Lauren Thorson, Designer In Residence

Student participants

Barnes, Rachel C., Barranger, Kathryn E., Byun, Sung-Joo, Dijulio, Alexander A., Do, Van T., Hattrick, Lindsay N., Johnson, Bethany J., Johnson, Jacob S., Kim, ChanHyung, Kim, Minji, Kobs, Kaitlin C., Sung, Veronica, Winters, Abbie C.

Digital + Analog Tools was a semester-long investigation of generative processes. The semester began by defining generative art through discussions of historical and contemporary practices, the importance of developing new expressions, definitions of “art” and “design,” and limitations of the term “generative.”

In self-directed studio practices, students created expansive bodies of work using their individual systems/tools. Solutions ranged from video, web, print, installation, performance, sculpture and audio work.