Workshop: Exploration of Viral Media

This workshop we will explore the concept of viral media and attempt to create viral media related to Tasmeem. Social media and viral marketing has tapped into virtually every aspect of contemporary life, and designers have been, and will continue to be, important agents of this phenonmena. In our workshop we will discuss social and and viral media. We will try to identify why things go viral and develop strategies for using Tasmeem content as the basis of a variety of viral campaigns. The participants in our workshop wil document and disseminate their observations through a variety of media from Twitter and Facebook to Youtube and blogs. We will also create more tangible art of in the form of street art that can be documented and disseminated as widely as possible. This is just a basic description of our workshop, like viral media itself, much of our content and ideas will come from our users: our workshop members.

Location: English Writing Center, VCUQatar Building