Workshop: PINK TANK: TasmeemLab - Making Through Linking

Each designer is asked to produce a piece or a performance based on the theme “link” and reflecting the notion of design as a connector. Designers prototype their design ideas in live sessions, allowing audiences to observe the evolution of the designs as they are created.

Live demonstration - All welcome - No registration required.

Location: 2nd Floor, Open Studio, VCUQatar Building

The designers taking part in TasmeemLab range from various different disciplines from graphic design to product design, furniture design, industrial design and fashion design:

Younes Duret, Industrial Designer, Morocco
Franco-Morroccan designer Younes Duret draws from his duality in many of his works. Younes firmly believes that objects should be both beautiful and useful. He defines himself as an industrial designer with a focus on ergonomics and function. For him, design should consider not only how an object looks, but also how it is created and how it is used. Far from concentrating only on the shapes, Younes forces himself to look into a conceptual strictness and a permanent reevaluation of his designer status. His mission is to bring industrial design to the forefront of Morocco’s design world.

Khalid Shafar, Furniture and Objects Designer, UAE
Khalid has studied and specialised in Furniture & Objects design, first at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, then at the Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson, New Zealand. Over this time Khalid has acquired the skills and techniques integral to bespoke furniture making and craftsmanship. Khalid’s approach to design links his personal expression of form, movement, emotion, and in particular, ‘the tale’ of objects.

Richard Kahwagi, Graphic Designer, Lebanon
Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut, Richard has delved in various areas of print, advertising, music and television. Based in Beirut, he has collaborated with different design studios and advertising agencies in the Netherlands and the Arab countries. His work has been sold, exhibited and included in several publications, and he is currently an established independent freelancer, tackling projects from corporate identities and branding, to cultural and artistic events. With a penchant for Arabic and Latin typography, Richard sources his inspiration from the surrounding vernacular and DJ'ing.

Manar Al Muftah, Graphic Designer, Qatar
"I honor the alphabet by giving each letter the value it deserve. Each one of them is a precious memory of my childhood, like a talisman. Each one is part of me, so intimate ..." Manar graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. "My interest in art grew with time, in the same way that found objects inspired me, I discovered that calligraphy also fired my imagination and creativity." Manar links language, art and design.

TasmeemLab also consists of a matchmaking exercise inviting designers to work in group on the creation of a common product at the event. The four designers are asked to combine their expertise and creative minds in a collaborative process to explore how different creative methods become compatible when they intersect.

The goal of TasmeemLab is not to design perfect creations but rather to provide insights into the process and the meaning of design as a connector. TasmeemLab allows for dialogue not only between designers but also between design professionals and the general public. This collaborative design performance acknowledges the creative potential of design in the Arab world.

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