Workshop: MEDEA: Education Network Forum

Founded in 2008, the Middle East Design Educators Association (MEDEA) serves as an inspirational and information platform for design educators in this region. The 2011 Tasmeem workshop provides an opportunity for design educators to share ideas, methods, challenges and opportunities with their colleagues, and to foster dialogue between the design industry and those who educate the next generation of designers.

Location: Room 255, VCUQatar Building

Jimmy Ghazal
Beirut born, Jimmy Ghazal started his career in corporate identity and Arabic typography at "Brand Central" in 2001. Keeping pace with technological advances, he has taken his expertise online with "Saatchi & Saatchi" heading the multimedia division and catering for the intense demand for high quality, regional multimedia solutions.
Ghazal holds a BA in Graphic Design from "Notre Dame University" (NDU), Beirut and conducts Masters Classes at the "Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts" (Alba).
Today, Ghazal is head of Digital at "M&C Saatchi MENA" and also heads "Fusion", the digital and multimedia firm in the group.

Richard Grefé
Richard Grefé is the executive director of AIGA, the oldest and largest professional association of designers in the United States. Currently AIGA advances the interests of over 20,000 designers working in a variety of communication media and dimensions, ranging from type and book designers to new media, experience and service designers. AIGA, under Grefé, has become the leading advocate for the value of designing, as a way of thinking and as a means of creating strategic value for business.
Grefé earned a BA from Dartmouth College, crafted books at Stinehour Press, reported from the Bronx County Courthouse for AP, wrote for Time magazine on business and the economy and then earned an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Following an early career in urban design and public policy consulting, Grefé managed the association responsible for strategic planning and legislative advocacy for public television and led a think tank on the future of public television and radio in Washington. He has been at AIGA since 1995.