Workshop: Codependency v.s. Co-Creation in Design Practice

A workshop about defining, crafting and testing tools with and for communities

As designers, we are curious— exploring and seeing our world through a critical making process, which evolves the joyful and tenuous task of trail and error with methods and materials. We are form makers and we continue to hone that skill and manner of seeing our world. Is there this same need to understand and create in all people? Do those who are seeking authenticity desire a greater degree of truth, meaning and authorship? How might designers rethink their notion of a finished artifact? How might we rethink designing artifacts in which individuals and communities can reproduce, repurpose, reinterpret and make them as their own, Perhaps designers will become tool makers instead?

This workshop will focus on the questions through defining what a tool could be and then designing our own tools, invented for specific users and uses.

Location: Room 268, VCUQatar Building